Near Miss SCORM/HTML5 Version for LMS

OSHA doesn't really get into explaining the definition of near miss. But insurance company and safety experts mostly agree on one thing: that just because on one got hurt, the concept of "no-harm, no-foul" does not apply. Instead, the thinking is that near misses represent a serious problem - and an opportunity. A problem that they were allowed to happen, but an opportunity to learn from them and address the underlying problems.

A definition...How about this one - an incident that could have resulted in personal injury, death, or property damage - but didn't.?

SCORM Format;

Software used for Creation;

PowerPoint with Articulate 360 Presenter Pro Plug-in

mp3 or WAV audio

Articulate Quizmaker

Template files included for editing:



SCORM HTML5/Flash Fallback Output for LMS Installation;

File to install: CourseName.zip

Setting: pass- 70/80 0r 100%

Audio Y

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