Sample: RigPass|SafeLandUSA Curriculum (3 parts)

These MENU driven (Menu.pps) courses meet and exceed the curriculum requirements necessary for IADC Rig Pass®, and SafeLand standardized orientation training program accreditation.

Firms desiring may use this program for in-house accreditation.

Completion of an IADC RigPass® accredited program confirms that personnel have met basic requirements defined by safety and training professionals in the drilling industry, irrespective of the rig's location. These courses meet and exceed the curriculum requirements necessary for IADC Rig Pass®, and SafeLand standardized orientation training program curriculum.

This 13-program PowerPoint series provides new oilfield employees with the advantages of engaging media that enables students to experience the real life working scenarios of oilfield life.

Knowledgeable and experienced trainers are able to draw on eight hours of training media, divided into short course lesson topics, in order to complement their classroom instruction. These lessons support the classroom presentation of the instructor who, with these resources in hand, is now free to concentrate on the most critical safety elements.

Course Titles Include: (Samples included*)

I. General Safety

 i.  General Safety 00.0 * 

ii   General Safety 01.0*

iii. General Safety 01.1*

iiii. General Safety 01.2

II. Personal Protective Equipment [PPE] 2.0

III. Hazard Communication & Materials Handling 3.0

IV. Occupational Health 4.0

V. Specialized Work Services 5.0

VI. Fire Safety 6.0

VII. Materials Handling 7.0

VIII. Health and First Aid 8.0

IX. Rig / Platform Environment 9.0

X. Emergency Response 10.0

XI. Wellsite Environmental Protection

  i. Environmental Awareness | Field 11.0

 ii. HazWoper Overview 11.1


XV. Excavation Trenching & Shoring 13.0

XVI. Pits & Ponds 14.0

The RigPass/Safeland Curriculum is supplemented by Hazard Training for the Oil Patch which includes these titles:

Hazard Aware in the Oil Patch

 Part 1:Introduction

 Part 2:Safety & Health Programs

 Part 3:Falls

 Part 4:Struck By | Caught Between

 Part 5:Hazardous Energy

 Part 6:PPE

 Part 7:Health Hazards

 Part 8:Emergencies

 Part 9:Confined Space

 Part 10:Welding

 Part 11:Materials Handling

 Part 12:Mobile Equipment

 Part 13:Excavations

 Part 14:Fire Extinguishers


Guidance on Simultaneous Operations

Journey Management

Electrical Unqualified

Employee Handbook

Train the Trainer


All programs can be edited for company specific policies and worksite procedures as desired.

RigPass® program is an accreditation system delivering a standardized safety orientation program for new employees, preparing the employees for almost any operating environment, at almost any site, onshore.

Firms which have used this program which they modified and submitted to the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) to acquired in-house training accreditation for RigPass and/or SafeLandUSA:

AIM Directional Services, LLC.

CJ Energy

Express Energy Services


Lofton Energy Services

Lofton Safety Services

Michels Corporation

Nabors Drilling USA, LP

Orion Drilling Company

Patterson – UTI Drilling Company, LLC

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