002 Support - OSHA Basics: Marketing using Vertical and Horizontal Standards

Vertical and Horizontal Standards

Most OSHA standards are horizontal standards. That means they apply to all employers in any industry. Some OSHA standards, however, are vertical standards. This means they apply to just a specific industry.

Horizontal Standards

Horizontal standards are the OSHA standards that apply to most workplaces.

Examples of horizontal standards include:

PPE (1910 Subpart I)

Fire Protection (1910 Subpart L)

Hazard Communication (1910 1200)

Vertical Standards

Vertical standards apply to specific industries or to particular operations, practices, conditions, processes, means, methods, equipment, or installations.

Examples of OSHA vertical standards include:

OSHA’s 1926 Construction Standards

OSHA’s 1915 Shipyard Standards

The OSHA 1910 Subpart R Special Industries Regulations for pulp, paper, and paperboard mills; for textiles; for sawmills; and for other industries

When OSHA has a vertical standard that applies to a particular industry (or employer in that industry), then that standard takes precedence over any horizontal standard.

Four (4) examples of curriculum creation using the 999 training courses to provide training services….you may need to modify based on your clients work & site-specific needs…


Our first example is already created for you and the training courses for this vertical are contained on the USB in the “003_Security_Personal_54” folder. (Page 7 & 8 of this document)


These examples have the OSHA 10 Hour Construction and General Industry created for you (Page 4) and the training courses for this vertical may be selected from the other course category folders.


This example should use the Medical Courier training program along with HAZCOM and Blood borne Pathogens as a minimum. Add any other courses your client may desire or one’s common sense calls for such as Driving Skills and Safety. (pages 5-7)


This example uses the primary oil/gas production courses (page 8) and the training courses for this vertical may be selected from the other course category folders.

Training Matrix (s) are included to assist in vertical market targeting.

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